PonyOS 3.0

BFG Edition

What is PonyOS?

PonyOS is a hobby Unix-like operating system.

Is PonyOS a Linux distribution?

No! PonyOS uses its own kernel, built from scratch.



What's New in 3.0?

PonyOS 3.0 is the biggest improvement in PonyOS history:


Hard Disk Images

Raw disk image in a tarball (1GB) - 189MB download; MD5: 022bdf425d06ee44c6b1c81a27d9aa81

Mirror #1

Using the Disk Image

The raw disk image can be used with QEMU. Other emulators may work but are not supported.

Extract the disk image from the tarball and then execute QEMU as follows:

qemu-system-i386 -m 1024 -hda ponyos-disk.img -vga std -enable-kvm -sdl

(If you do not have sufficient RAM on your host, you may use -m 512 instead.)

The default user is local and the default password for that user is also local.

There is also a root user with password toor.

Building from Scratch

To build PonyOS from scratch, please use an Ubuntu or Debian-derived host.

Clone from our git repository and then run make toolchain. Note that we do not support building PonyOS from scratch and this process may not work. Complete builds may take anywhere from thirty minutes to many hours, depending on your hardware.

The standard build set up does not include GCC. Use the additional toolchain/cross-gcc.sh to build a native GCC if you so desire.

Git Repository

PonyOS is developed through Github. You can find our repository at klange/ponyos.


Does PonyOS work on real hardware?

Yes! PonyOS works on many different machines.

Is this really not a Linux distro?

It's been two years - if you still don't believe us, we're not sure what to do.

Does PonyOS come with a compiler?

Yes! PonyOS comes with a fully functioning installation of GCC!

PonyOS 3.0 BFG Edition also comes with Python 2.7.

Can I put this on a bootable USB drive?

No. Please stop asking this.

How do I move windows?

You can drag them by their title bars or hold Alt and the click and drag anywhere.

Does PonyOS support networking?

Experimental kernel support for TCP is included in this release, but you can't use it for anything.

I started an application and it doesn't have a title bar, how do I exit it?

Try mashing q or esc or possibly even Alt+F4. One of those should work. If all else fails, kill it.

Can I upgrade from an earlier release of PonyOS?

Upgrading is not supported. Previous releases of PonyOS did not support writing to disk anyway.

What are people saying about PonyOS?

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Mourcore, from reddit's r/technology

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Nessphoro, from osdev.org

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You can find me on Twitter @kevinlange.

PonyOS is a distribution of とあるOS.

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